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A Peach of a Corner Cafe




WE LOOKED at this space and said, 'We can't bear to see it empty,' " says David Roth. He's referring to the sunny northwest corner of Galena and Hopkins that formerly housed zele cafe but sat dark until last December. It was at that point that Roth, a chefwho once owned Paisano's, and his partners, Lisa Haisfie1d and Tracy Eggleston, stepped in, and the longtime locals reopened -- not to mention reimagined -- the place as Peach's Corner Cafe. Within hours of unlocking the doors, the cafe had a gaggle of officers from Aspen's nearby police station checking out the pastries, a very good omen. The crowds quickly followed.


Peach's has succeeded not only with bright, cheerful decor and friendly service but by taking an unusually open-minded approach to its food. "We wanted to showcase all the talented food producers in this valley -- the bakers, the makers of everything from granola to salad dressing," says Roth.


Not only does Peach's use local ingredients in its prepared dishes, such as its own breakfast sausages and Aspen's Kiri Devi granola, but it also offers a wide array of locally made food for takeout, from Kim Cohen's Raw to Radiant ceviches to their delectable Drizzle Bars.


Breakfast has everything from granola with honey and Greek yogurt to Belgian waffles and a spectacular open-faced sandwich spread with peach butter and topped with a poached egg, applewood-smoked bacon, arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and shaved Parmesan. Lunchtime highlights include the popular soup-and-salad specials ("You can have a terrific meal for under $10," says Roth), plus a kale salad with roasted root vegetables and goat cheese, chickpea flatbreads, empanadas, and more.


But it's the pastry counter that draws the most oohs and aahs:

muffins and fruit tarts from local companies Midland Baking, Sweet Life, Louis Swiss, Franck Thirion, and Upper Crust Bakery, and cupcakes that are particularly festive as well as delicious. Even some of the coffee is locally roasted-at Steve Johnson's Back Alley Coffee.




121 S. Galena Street Aspen, CO